GAME 1/7


  • ~ Everyone starts with 185 points.
  • ~ The number you hit will get subtracted from your score.
  • ~ First one to reach exactly 0 is the winner!

Game 2/7

ASNI (Donkey)

  • ~ Try to score as high as you can.
  • ~ If you don't beat the previous score, or get equivalent, you'll get a letter.
  • ~ Those who get all the letters ASNI, they're out of the game.
  • ~ The game is played until there's only one left - the winner.

Game 3/7


  • ~ Each player gets delegated a specific square on the dartboard.
  • ~ Each time you hit your square, you'll be awarded with an extra life.
  • ~ Once you've hit your square 3 times, you become 'killer' and start to shoot your opponents' squares - and they will lose a life.
  • ~ The game is played until there's only one player left - the winner.

Game 4/7


  • ~ Shanghai is 8 rounds.
  • ~ Each round the object is to hit a certain square.
  • ~ Everytime you hit the square, your points will accumulate.
  • ~ The one with most points after 8 rounds is the winner.
  • ~ Extra: If a player hits the single, double and triple of that square, the player will become the winner despite how many points other players have.

game 5/7


  • ~ The object is to get your avatar from starting square to end square.
  • ~ The first one to reach the END square, or the one who got the furthest in 6 rounds, is the winner.
  • ~ The dartboard is divided in 6 areas which represent each side of a dice (1-6).
  • ~ How the dartboard is divided:
  • 1 = Double Square
  • 2 = Single Fat Square
  • 3 = Triple Square
  • 4 = Single Small Square
  • 5 = Green Bullseye
  • 6 = Red Bullseye
  • ~ Be aware of the 'Bad Gossip' squares, they will send you back to the square that the red arrow points at. And 'Good Gossip' will get you further in the game.
game 6/7


  • ~ Everyone starts with 3 lifes.
  • ~ There's a certain 'Bomb Square' that if you hit, you lose a life. Also if you miss the dartboard.
  • ~ In each round 2 more Bomb Squares are added to the dartboard, making it even harder to stay alive.
  • ~ You accumulate all the points you get, except for the Bomb Squares.
  • ~ The player with most points after 8 rounds, or when everyone is dead, is the winner.
game 7/7


  • ~ The plan is simple. Hit all the squares once to win the game.
  • ~ For each square you accumulate points (double and triple count).
  • ~ You can hit bullseye as often as you like.
  • ~ If no player is able to finish all the squares in 8 rounds, the player with highest score wins.